Laurie Leigh

Hello! Thank you for joining me today. I’m thrilled to share my wellness success story with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and the Valentus lifestyle beverages with you. Come with me on this incredible journey.

When I was 24 years old, I started my first small business. I secured the exclusive rights to distribute JOICO Haircare products in Saskatchewan; got myself a panel van, built some shelves in it, found a mini storage warehouse for inventory, looked up all the hair salons in the phonebooks, plotted them all on a map and off I went. I was a ONE WOMAN SHOW, shipping receiving, selling, delivering, billing and educating. Over the next 20 years, I built that one woman show into a business that employed 8 people and had two storefronts and a warehouse.

I also developed Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an auto immune disease where my immune system literally attacked my thyroid. The Medical profession’s mantra, in my opinion, is “When in doubt, Cut it out” and they removed half of my thyroid. That didn’t make me feel any better. I decided that I probably needed that part and I embarked on a lifelong mission to learn about the endocrine system, the digestive system and the immune system. I discovered that ALL of these systems are intimately connected! And I swore that I was never going to have another part removed from my body again.

After 20 years in the hair industry, I burned out. I sold my company and got divorced in the same year. It was a solid hit on my definition of who I was. I literally had to reinvent myself. For the next 3 years, I attempted to be an employee. The trouble with being a ‘business owner trying to be an employee’ is that I am a decision maker. And that didn’t work very well for others. So…I took the plunge again. I sold the house I’d lived in for 30 years, moved to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan and bought a restaurant/bar. And, just for the record, I’d never even had a serving job growing up! I knew nothing about running a restaurant. I just knew I needed to be my own boss again.

My partner and I set about building a solid reputation behind the name The Rockin’ Horse Cookhouse & bar. We poured our energy into every lunch and supper service. We worked hard to gain customer loyalty. We were even featured in the 2016 Season Finale of the CBC show, Still Standing, with our signature dessert, Horse Nuts! After 8 years of really late nights and eating and drinking WAY too much, I was a physical mess. I had gained a lot of weight and didn’t even recognize myself anymore. On June 4th, 2015, as I drove to Regina to attend my daughter’s graduation from university, I had a Moment of Clarity! The next morning, I woke up and decided to become a non-drinker of alcohol. Life Changing Moment! I lost 15 pounds in 6 months from not drinking and felt the best I had in years! Imagine…owing a bar…and not drinking!

Then my good friend, Beverly McLeod, introduced me to the Valentus SlimRoast Coffee. Another Life Changing Moment! I embarked on the 12in24 program (lose 12 inches or 12 pounds in 24 days) and lost exactly that! Since beginning Valentus, I have lost 35 pounds and 33 inches from head to toe. I’ve regained my health and wellness in a way that I did not know was possible! I’ve used alternative health methods all my Life. However, NOTHING has given me the WILLPOWER to control what I put into my physical body like the Valentus functional beverages. The fat has literally melted off my body in ALL the right places! I got my SEXY back! I have more ENERGY to play with my grandkids. I run circles around my twentysomething servers. And all I do is…Just Add Water! So incredibly easy!

Sharing My Journey

So after doing business the traditional way for over 30 years, I’ve decided to change it up! I am taking my PASSION for Health and Wellness and going out there to change some lives with the Valentus functional beverages! One of the biggest side effects of drinking the Valentus beverages is having random people continuously coming up to me and telling me how fantastic I look! I’d like you to join me on this incredible Wellness Journey!

Cheers! Laurie

Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” – Unknown